July 20, 2024
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October 24, 2022

Call For Your Free Smart Meter Today!

Answers to Your Questions about RRWA’s Smart Meters Call RRWA at 1-800-233-8849 to Learn More and to Request Your Smart Meter! Close to 3,000 RRWA customers now enjoy the benefits of having a smart water meter for their home, farm, or business. Each day, interested customers contact RRWA to learn more about smart meters. Here are answers to our customer’s most commonly asked questions about RRWA’s smart meters. DO I HAVE TO PAY RRWA TO INSTALL A SMART METER? No. RRWA will replace an existing water meter with a smart meter for our customers at no cost. WILL I PAY AN ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEE TO HAVE…

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October 23, 2022

John Glenn Announces Retirement

...AFTER 47 YEARS John Glenn has been with Rathbun Regional Water Association (RRWA) since 1974, one year before the first piece of pipeline was ever laid, acquiring right-of-way easements and then being in charge of RRWA’s contract inspectors as they began to lay water lines throughout Southeast Iowa. John held many positions at RRWA and eventually advanced to the CEO position in 1997 and continued to lead the company in unprecedented success. RRWA grew under John’s leadership from an original 4 county system with a few hundred customers in the very beginning to one of the largest rural water systems in the…

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