July 20, 2024
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E-Pay Enrollment

E-Pay or AutoPay Enrollment

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Welcome to the RRWA E-Pay or AutoPay payment options offering increased convenience and flexibility.

RRWA customers can report their monthly water usage as well as pay their bills electronically via the Internet. Customers can save time and money while increasing control over bill payments by paying their monthly water and waste water bills online. No more checks to write, no more stamps to buy and no more rushing to get a payment mailed on time! Additionally, E-Pay customers will receive monthly water bill reminders.

To utilize the E-Pay or AutoPay options simply use any Internet accessible device. RRWA customers are able to access their accounts; view payment history, prior usage and meter reporting information; receive e-mail payment reminders; enter current meter readings to calculate their monthly bill; and approve their bill to be paid from a bank account or credit card* of their choice all in a matter of moments. E-Pay and AutoPay, through a secure log-on process, provides customers with quick, convenient quality service, consolidating all of their accounts in one easily accessible online interface.

To further enroll into RRWA’s AutoPay option, the account MUST have a smart meter installed on the property. If you do have a smart meter installed, our system will automatically acquire your reading on the first of each month; calculate the payment due based on water usage; and automatically withdraw funds from your selected payment method. Email notifications and confirmations will be sent throughout the process. Please keep in mind that customers with smart meters are required to pay a monthly bill each month and thus do not qualify for RRWA’s snowbird policy.

Although E-Pay registration is necessary to review and take advantage of on-line bill payments through the simple click of a mouse, you still have the control over when to pay as well as the ability to return to making payments by mail at any time. Click on the link above to download the form. Once we receive the form, an email will be sent with instructions on how to setup your account, allowing payments to be processed online and/or automatically.

*Unfortunately, due to the additional hardware and software programming costs associated with providing these services, RRWA is charging a $2.50 administrative fee per payment transaction. However, due to the significant cost savings in bank charges when individuals choose ACH transactions (paying by checking or savings account), the $2.50 administrative fee will be waived for those selecting ACH instead of credit cards. Additionally, credit cards will be limited to the following: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.