December 4, 2021
Committed to providing clean, safe water for all our customers



RRWA has about 60 employees with various duties. RRWA employs State of Iowa certified operators in the treatment and distribution of our water. We are fortunate in that we have quality employees placed throughout the RRWA service territory which enables us to be responsive to our members.

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer

John Glenn

Chief Financial Officer

Rod Glosser

Support Services Officer

Marty Braster

Administrative Manager

Mindy Payne

IT Systems Administrator

Bill Ellis

Plant Superintendent

Jer Buckingham

East Distribution Superintendent

Jim Hopp

West Distribution Superintendent

Kelly Carel

System Engineer

Matt Haden

Special Projects Coordinator

Dave Aeschliman

Project Supervisor

Steve Sherrard

GIS Specialist

Jon Foster